I don't look as glamorous as the girl above when I'm fitting blinds. But I can do it at least.

If I can do it, you definitely can. That's not because I'm a girl, it's because when I first picked up a tool I didn't know how to turn it on.

Now it's different, I picked up those skills long ago and would like to share them with you today.

Watch the video below for more information and a step by step guide:
There are about 25 million homes in the UK. If the average windows per house was 15, that would be 37.5 million windows in the UK.

Yet window blinds and furnishings is an often forgotten industry.

I'm often asked when visiting homes for in-home appointments and window blind measurings, "do you have another job?".

Do I have another job? Have you seen how many windows are in this town?

These questions are not nearly as irritating as the old statement, "a blind is a blind". Funnily enough, after stating that, if I offer them a florescent pink coloured Roller blind, they are not interested.

I thought a blind was just a blind?

Thankfully for you, at Harrietts a blind isn't just a blind, and we have enough customers to focus on this full time.

This is why we put time into finding the best window furnishings companies in the UK and the most beautiful window inspiration in the world.

Do you know how many different types of window blinds there are? Here is a list below. There are actually more, but they're not popular enough yet to advertise since most companies don't offer them.

- Roller Blinds
- Vertical Blinds
- Venetian Blinds
- Wooden Venetian Blinds
- Roman Blinds
- Pleated Blinds
- Skylight Blinds
- Perfect Fit Blinds
- Intu blinds

Each of these types of blinds also come in several patterns and/or colours.

But if you really do believe a blind is just a blind - you should opt for "ready made blinds". Which is completely different to what we're covering here.

Ready made blinds come in fixed sizes and are most commonly Roller blinds in white. Then you simply take it home and cut it down to fit your window.

Granted they are not the easiest thing to cut, so it will most likely look dreadful. Also let me be clear, it is 99.99% guaranteed you will need to cut it down. There is no such thing as a standard sized window.

But if you are a fan of quality window blinds that fit your windows perfectly. Where a professional measures your windows perfectly and a fully trained fitter installs them for you. Then you are looking for made to measure blinds by harrietts, which is quite a big industry by the way.